Georgia Bicycle Helmet Laws: Types of Helmets in Atlanta

Georgia bicycle helmet laws only require bicyclists younger than 16 to wear a helmet. However, wearing a government-certified helmet could help you with your bicycle accident claim if you are ever injured. If you have been injured and were not wearing a helmet, citing the law that does not require you to wear a helmet might work to your advantage. Contact a bicycle accident attorney in Atlanta for more advice. 

The most common type of helmet is a road helmet. This is the type of helmet approved under Georgia bicycle helmet laws for most bicycles. Road helmets are made of EPS foam under a thin plastic shell. In addition, these helmets have soft interior pads designed for comfort and are secured to the head by adjustable, snap-fastened straps. Road helmets can be found in almost any sports equipment store. 

Multi-sport helmets are designed, as the name suggests, for people who need the helmets for multiple uses. They are designed for skateboarding and rollerblading, as well as bicycling. Multi-sport helmets have a thicker shell and a more rounded shape than road helmets. Some people find multi-sport helmets to be less comfortable than road helmets because of their limited ventilation and thicker exterior. 

BMX helmets and downhill biking helmets are the strongest types of bicycle helmets. They strongly resemble motorcycle helmets and are designed to accommodate the needs of these more extreme sports. Their stronger materials, such as fiberglass, help to protect the rider from serious head injuries associated with larger crashes. 

If you have questions about your bicycle injury claim, whether you were wearing a helmet at the time of your accident or not, you should contact a bicycle accident attorney in Atlanta. The right lawyer could make all the difference in your claim. 

At the Shane Smith Law, our attorneys are familiar with Georgia traffic and bicycle helmet laws. Contact us today for a free consultation about your case. Call us at: (980) 246-2656.

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