Can a Single Car Accident Be Caused by Another Party’s Negligence?

When a car crashes and no other vehicles are involved, the initial reaction is generally that the driver of that car was at fault due to impaired driving, distracted driving, or some other dangerous action. However, there are numerous instances in which the driver in a single car accident is not at fault, but the accident was caused by another party’s negligence. Proving negligence in these situations can sometimes be difficult, but an experienced Fayette County auto accident attorney can help you do so.

Negligence that can cause Single Car Accidents

The following are examples of negligence that may cause a single car accident:

  • Another driver’s actions—if another driver is acting negligently on the road, their actions can cause you to run off the road and/or crash. Some negligent actions include improper lane changes, improper turning, failing to yield, breaking other traffic laws, and more.

  • Defective car parts—Auto manufacturers act negligently when they sell cars with defective parts. If brakes, steering, tires, or other important parts suddenly malfunction, drivers can easily lose control and be involved in a single car accident.

  • Hazardous roads—If a government entity fails to properly inspect, maintain, and repair its roads and an accident occurs, that entity has been negligent. If a driver suddenly hits a pothole, a large crack in the pavement, or any other type of hazard, it could easily cause a single car accident.

Whether your accident involved one, two, or more vehicles, you still deserve to recover from any responsible parties.

Contact a Fayette County auto accident attorney for a free consultation

If you have suffered an injury in a single car accident because another party acted in a negligent manner, you deserve to recover for your injury-related losses. Proving that someone else was at fault for a single car accident may be complicated and involve many complex legal issues, so you should always seek representation from an auto accident attorney who has experience with this type of case. Do not hesitate to contact Shane Smith Law as soon as possible at (980) 246-2656 for help.

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