Potential Personality Changes from a Traumatic Brain Injury

Georgia Brain Injury Lawyer Shane Smith Talks About Research Related to Potential Personality Changes From a TBI

Traumatic Brain injuries can change lives, not just those of the victim. They can change the lives of the family and friends of a traumatic brain injury victim.

According to Psychology Today, victims of brain injuries can suffer personality disorders. The personality change varies upon the individual, but the majority of individuals who suffer a brain injury can transform from an easy-going person to one who is more agitate and becomes angered much more easily.

After victims receive proper medical attention, or incapacitated victims’ families, are encouraged to talk to a Grayson brain injury attorney to see what legal rights they have.

What may cause the TBI?

Depending on where the trauma occurs and the severity, it will vary. However, some common symptoms include:

  • Range of emotions
  • Easy to anger
  • Loss of memory/inability to retain new facts/ideas

The severity and permanency of the injuries depend on the injury itself. While there is no such thing as a TBI that can be “walked off” or “shook off,” there are varying degrees of a TBI. Only after a medical professional evaluates the victim to see where the injury occurred, what damages occurred to the brain and they make their professional prognosis, only then can a personality change have a better chance of being diagnosed as something temporary or permanent.     

When you work with a Gwinnett County brain injury attorney you are able to have your case evaluated by experienced brain injury attorney. If your circumstances qualify for a personal injury claim, the circumstances surrounding the TBI and the TBI itself will be evaluated, including with a medical expert to ensure the initial and long-term damages are evaluated to ensure the legal claim is maximized to help you pay for all projected damages with the help of a Georgia brain injury attorney.

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