Common signs of a Fatigued Truck Driver

Truck drivers are required to sit in one spot for hours, staring at a monotonous highway. It is no surprise that drivers may often become fatigued and lose concentration behind the wheel. Drivers have a responsibility to take rest breaks in accordance with federal regulations, but also to take additional rest breaks whenever they believe they are showing signs of fatigue. If a driver does not take proper rest breaks and causes you injury, an experienced Palmetto truck accident attorney can help you recover.

The following are some of the physical signs of fatigue in a truck driver:

  • Struggling to keep their eyes open

  • Eyes drifting from the road

  • Trouble focusing eyesight

  • Disorientation or unintentional daydreaming

  • Constant or regular yawning

  • Lethargy or slow movements

  • Restlessness or constant fidgeting

  • Nodding or dozing off behind the wheel

If a truck driver has any of the above signs of fatigue, he should immediately pull over and take a rest break even if it is not required to comply with hours of service regulations. Hours of service regulations cannot predict when each individual driver may become fatigued, so every truck driver is responsible for paying attention to physical signs and responsibly taking a rest break when needed. If a driver knows he is fatigued and continues driving, he risks causing serious accidents and injuries.

Additionally, if you are involved in an accident, you should try to observe the truck driver to see if he shows any signs of fatigue. Does he have difficulty answering questions? Are his responses delayed? Does he physically appear tired? These can all be indications that your accident was caused by negligent fatigued driving.

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