Potential Results of a Truck Tire Blowout

When a tire on a large commercial truck blows out, it can shred and require a truck driver to pull over immediately. If a driver is traveling at high speeds during a blowout, a driver may completely lose control of the truck and may collide with other vehicles and cause injury to other motorists on the road. If a tire blowout occurs due to someone’s negligence, victims may be entitled to substantial financial recovery. An experienced Fayette County truck accident attorney can help you recover if you have been injured.

In order to hold a party responsible for your injuries, you must first determine who exactly was negligent. Negligence can lead to tire blowouts in several different ways. Some examples include the following:

  • Tire defects—This occurs when a manufacturer either designs or assembles tires in a defective manner and puts them up for sale. Many tire defects can cause blowouts.

  • Improper inspection of tires—Trucking companies and drivers have a duty by federal law to regularly and thoroughly inspect a truck, including the tires to make sure they are safe for driving. If these inspections are not properly performed and a tire is overly worn or otherwise unsafe, a tire blowout may happen.

  • Improper maintenance of tires—Similarly to inspections, tires must be regularly maintained and when they are not, they have a greater risk of blowing out.

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When a party acts in a negligent manner and a tire blowout occurs as a result, victims of any resulting accidents are likely entitled to substantial compensation for any accident-related injuries or other losses. The experienced truck accident lawyers at Shane Smith Law are dedicated to helping accident victims recover, so please call our office today at (980) 246-2656 to schedule your free consultation.

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