Car Crashes and Senior Citizens

Age May Make a Difference According to Gwinnett County Auto Accident Attorney Shane Smith       

Based on research from the U. S. Department of Transportation (DOT) there are mixed statistics regarding senior citizens. The following are some encouraging and positive highlights:

  • Fewer than one percent of deaths for individuals aged 70 or older occurred in 2010.
  • The 70+ demographic is more likely to hold a license to drive versus younger individuals. The statistics also show that the 70+ demographic drives less than younger drivers.

  Yet, there are other statistics which show that risks still exist and include:

  • Looking at the number of miles traveled by the demographic of 70 to 74 and 85+, the number of deaths increased precipitously for each age group, especially for the 85+ age demographic. The study blamed the increased deaths on senior citizens’ inherent propensity to suffer more severe injuries and die from those injuries progressing.

If you have been hit, speaking with a Dacula auto accident attorney will help you determine your legal rights, including the potential for a lawsuit against the responsible party or parties.

How can the risk of senior citizens becoming injured in an auto accident become reduced?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are many programs that are put in place to help senior drivers, involving their families to reduce the chances of getting themselves into an auto accident putting themselves or an innocent person at risk. The following is a highlight of some of their programs:

  • “Driving When You Have Had a Stroke” is one program that is run to help individuals regain their sense of self and ability to drive and become confidence again.
  • “Driving When You Have Arthritis” is a piece of literature created in conjunction with the Arthritis Foundation to let medical professionals and elderly drivers and their family members discuss it  in concert to see what is the best way to work through arthritis and get back on the road and drive safely.
  • “Safe Driving for Older Adults” is a multi-color brochure that has been created to serve as a starting point for senior citizens and those who may think they have physical and cognitive declines and those declines have negatively impacted their driving abilities. From the NTHSA it is called “Driving Safely While Aging Gracefully,” and gives information to senior citizen to help them drive as cautiously as possible for as long as they can.

While the U. S. Dot and the NHTSA have frightening statistics and good programs to help seniors avert auto accidents, senior citizens, just like the rest of drivers on the road can have a bad day and potentially cause an accident negligently. When this happens, you, the innocent victim need to talk with a Gwinnett County auto accident lawyer at Shane Smith Law. If a driver is at-fault in an auto accident, you may have a personal injury claim. However, that can only be determined by a Georgia auto accident lawyer. 

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