Gwinnett County DUI Accident Attorney Shane Smith Explains Why Drinking and Driving Is a No-Win Situation.

Georgia DUI Accident Attorney:  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Statistics Show Dangerous Roads with Drunk Drivers

Hitting the road, just like everything in life, has inherent risks to it. However, when it comes to driving, a privilege granted to Georgia citizens after passing written and driving tests and going through a graduated licensing program, some people still do not take their privilege with the gravity they should. One way they disregard upholding their duty of care to maintain this privilege is by drinking and driving. While some people may not be considered “legally drunk” by having a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of 0.08 percent or greater, their consumption of alcohol still shows their negligent disregard for innocent Georgia drivers.

The CDC has done study after study to show the dangers innocent drivers face on a daily basis from those who choose to drink and get behind the wheel. Every single day as many as 30 innocent drivers and passengers are killed from drivers under the influence of alcohol. This daily figure equals one person losing their life almost every 50 minutes. Everyone, imbibers and not, must pay collectively more than $51 billion every single year due to the damage cause by alcohol-related auto accidents.

Law enforcement is proactive in minimizing the number of alcohol-related crashes, injuries, and deaths as evidenced by the CDC. Sobriety checkpoints, held throughout Georgia are integral to finding and stopping intoxicated drivers from causing injuries and fatalities. Based on research, alcohol-related auto accidents are reduced by as much as 9 percent with this strategy. Individuals convicted of DUIs are required by Georgia law to have an ignition interlock installed in their car. Individuals that have these devices in their car have a much lower chance (30%) of re-offending because the device prevents them from operating their vehicle under the influence of alcohol.                        

However, it is impossible for law enforcement to catch every single drunk driver operating their car under the influence and/or prevent an alcohol-related crash. Innocent drivers can reduce their chances of being involved in an accident-related accident including:

  • Before you and your party goes out for an evening, pick a designated driver. This will enable everyone to arrive home safe and react to unknown situations appropriately.
  • If you are out and notice someone who is visibly intoxicated, take away their keys and get them a sober driver (a friend, cab, etc.) to get them home safely.
  • If you notice a drunk driver while you are driving, get off the road and out their way as safely as possible and call law enforcement to report the vehicle to have them stopped as soon as possible.

Shane Smith Law understands that being the victim of a drunk driving accident deserves justice. If you or a family member has been involved in a DUI accident, you have legal rights. Your Loganville DUI accident attorney at Shane Smith Law will be able to evaluate your circumstances and inform you of your legal rights. During you free legal consultation, you will be able to speak with a Gwinnett County DUI accident lawyer and understand what damages you may be entitled to from the responsible parties. Call our law firm today at (980) 246-2656

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