How can I Avoid Slip and Falls in the Workplace?

For most people, we spend almost as much time in the workplace as we do at home. Because of the amount of time we spend here, as well as the certain types of jobs we do, the workplace can pose a substantial risk of slip and fall accidents. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, slips, trips, and falls are the most common type of workplace accidents that cause injuries. In fact, slips and falls account for about 25 percent of all reported injury claims each fiscal year. Generally, the most common causes of slips and falls in the workplace are issues with traction between your shoes and work surfaces, moveable objects, and stationary objects. If you have been injured from a slip or fall at the workplace, you may be entitled to compensation by bringing a Georgia premises liability claim. The best way to get the compensation you deserve is to schedule a consultation with the experienced Peachtree City premises liability lawyers at Shane Smith Law as soon as possible.

The Best Ways to Reduce the Risk of Slips and Falls in the Workplace

While the risk of slips and falls can never be completely eliminated, there are several things you or your employer can do to reduce the risk.

  • Implementing and maintaining good and effective housekeeping methods can greatly reduce the risk of slips and falls.
  • Reducing wet or slippery surfaces and providing skid-resistant surfaces when appropriate.
  • Make sure walkways, aisles, and other areas of your work environment are free of obstacles and other tripping hazards.
  • Maintaining proper lighting.
  • Ensuring you and other employees wear the proper shoes.
  • Instructing employees on the proper behavior for the workplace and teaching the required safety rules and regulations.

Contact a Coweta County Premises Liability Attorney for a Free Consultation

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