Particular Dangers of Tanker Trucks

Any accident involving a large commercial truck can be dangerous and cause serious injuries. However, one particular type of truck is often involved in particularly devastating accidents. Tanker trucks are the trucks you see on the highways with the long, cylindrical trailers. These tanker trucks are designed to transport different kinds of liquid cargo, from pure water to gasoline to toxic chemicals. The nature of the cargo in tanker trucks poses particular dangers of collisions and resulting in serious injuries.  If you have been involved in an accident with a tanker truck, call a Coweta County truck accident lawyer to discuss a possible case and help you recover for all of your losses.

Some of the particular dangers of tanker trucks include the following:

  • Sloshing of cargo: if the cargo tank is not filled to a certain capacity, the liquid may slosh around and throw the trailer off balance. This may cause the trailer to sway into other lanes, cause the driver to lose control, or cause the trailer to roll over.
  • Fires or explosions: if a tanker truck is transporting flammable materials, a collision may cause the trailer to catch fire or to explode on impact. Such fire or explosions will often cause severe, if not fatal, injuries to any motorists in the nearby vicinity.
  • Chemical burns: upon collision, toxic chemicals may spill out of a tanker trailer and burn or otherwise harm anyone involved in the accident.

As you can see, victims of tanker trucks accident may suffer particularly severe injuries. For this reason, tanker truck drivers should be held liable for any negligent driving behaviors that cause collisions.

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