What Types of Head Trauma Can Occur from Georgia Slips and Falls?

Have you ever stubbed your toe while walking? Sometimes, we walk into things when we are not paying attention; however, even when we are paying attention and walking slowly and carefully, unforeseen hazards could cause us to slip and fall. When people slip and fall to the ground, their toes aren’t the only things injured. In fact, many people suffer serious injuries such as brain injuries. 

When someone falls, the head generally strikes the ground, and head trauma can result. Actually, head trauma can be any of the following listed below, including:

  • Concussion: when brain function is altered by a blow to the head
  • Brain bruising: when brain tissue is bruised, it can cause swelling
  • Facial fracture: fractures of the nose, cheekbone, jaw bone, and eye socket
  • Skull fracture: when one of the eight cranium bones is broken from blunt force
  • Epidural and subdural hematoma: blood clots form that can be life-threatening 
  • Brain hemorrhaging: bleeding within the brain tissue from trauma
  • Traumatic brain injury: when an external force injures the brain and causes physical, cognitive, behavioral, and emotional changes 

Sadly, some of these types of head traumas can lead to a coma, permanent disabilities, or death. When victims of Georgia slip-and-fall accidents suffer a traumatic brain injury, the injury often makes it impossible for people to continue living life the way they used to. For this reason, brain injury victims are likely entitled to a Georgia personal injury claim for damages. 

To find out more about your or a loved one’s claim, you should speak with a Peachtree City injury attorney who understands the effects of traumatic brain injury and what victims are entitled to under the law. Contact Shane Smith Law at (980) 246-2656 for a free initial case consultation today.

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