If You Are in an Atlanta Car Crash, Stay In Your Vehicle! This Could Save Your Life.

On January 30, two women collided in a fender-bender accident on Interstate 20 near downtown Atlanta. They got out of their cars, went to inspect the damage, and were struck and killed by a tow truck.

Thirty-five-year-old Satonya Cleveland, a social worker and the mother of two young girls, was killed at the scene. Angel Woah, the 23-year-old mother of an 11 month old, died of her injuries at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Only a few weeks earlier, a 26-year-old Atlanta woman tried to cross Interstate 285 to seek help after her car broke down. She was hit and killed by a tractor-trailer.

These minor accidents that only became serious after the driver left the car. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) about 16% of American pedestrian fatalities occur on freeways. In 2008, 701 pedestrian were killed on freeways, but it is not known how many got out of stranded vehicles.

So, if your car breaks down or you are in a Georgia accident, what should you do?

Although the natural response is to exit your vehicle after a crash, the Georgia State Police suggests that drivers get their vehicle off the road and then stay inside the car and activate the emergency flashers. If you must get out of the car, you should not stand close to moving traffic and never stand behind of or in front of the vehicle, just in case your car is struck by another. You want to be on the side of the road and your vehicle as far from traffic as possible and behind a barrier if one is available. If you hit an icy patch or obstacle that caused your accident, it is just as likely that the next car to come by will hit it as well.

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