Burn Victims May Often Recover for Their Losses

According to the American Burn Association (ABA), 450,000 Americans seek treatment at emergency rooms for burn injuries every year. Approximately 40,000 of those people must spend time in the hospital burn unit or another burn center while their wounds are treated. If a burn injury occurs because of a person or other party’s misconduct or negligence, burn victims may seek compensation for the often costly medical treatment that burns require, as well as pain and suffering and other losses. An experienced Peachtree City personal injury attorney can help you seek recovery by filing a legal claim.

Causes of Burn Injuries

Though burns are usually associated with fire, such injuries may actually arise out of a wide variety of scenarios. Some examples of burn accidents include the following:

  • Explosions following a motor vehicle accident

  • Electrocutions from ungrounded or faulty wires

  • Contact with toxic chemicals

  • Fireworks accidents

  • Road rash

  • Contact with scalding liquid

  • Contact with a heat source, such as a stovetop

These are only some examples of causes of burn injuries, and all of the above may cause very severe burns. Many burn injuries take weeks, months, or even years to treat and may require numerous painful skin grafts and other surgeries during the course of treatment. Some burn victims are left permanently scarred, disfigured, or disabled.

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