Passengers in Commercial Trucks can cause Distracted Driving

Distracted driving of any sort is dangerous and commercial truck drivers—of all people—should recognize these dangers and avoid distractions at all costs. Commercial truck drivers operate the largest, heaviest vehicles on the highways and these semi-trucks can cause extraordinary damage in the event of an accident. For this reason, truck drivers should always take every possible precaution to keep their eyes and mind on the road in front of them and their hands on the wheel.

Unfortunately, many truck drivers become bored or lonely after long hours on the monotonous roads, and they may decide to engage in activities that may be distracting. Such activities include using a handheld mobile device, watching videos, reading articles, browsing the internet, and more. Some truck drivers, however, may not even realize that their activities are particularly distracting.

Over the years, media has reported about numerous commercial truck accidents that occurred because the truck driver was distracted by a passenger in the cab. Many truck drivers choose to bring spouses, friends, or other family members along for a ride to keep them company and allow their loved to see part of the country. However, even the most basic conversation can cause a driver to become distracted.

One news story reported that, after a truck driver collided with a school bus, the authorities found an unclothed woman in the sleeping cabin of the truck. Authorities did not know whether the woman climbed into the cabin after the accident to hide or not. What is clear, however, is that the truck driver was likely highly distracted by the woman in his truck and caused an accident that injured ten school children.

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