Ignition Switches Causing Car Accidents

When a motor vehicle suddenly malfunctions, drivers can easily lose control and be involved in a serious accident. Auto manufacturers have a duty to make sure their vehicles are safe for consumers to use. If they find out about a potentially dangerous defect in a car, the company should immediately alert the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and issue a safety recall. Likely, the company will also face legal action from any victims who were injured due to the defect. If you have suffered injury due to defective car, an experienced auto accident attorney in Raymond, Georgia can help you recover for your losses.

Millions of vehicle manufactured by General Motors (GM) turned out to have a dangerous ignition switch defect that would allow the key to turn into the auxiliary position while the car was moving. The turning of the key would cause the driver to suddenly lose engine power and power steering, which you can imagine would make it difficult to keep control of the car. To make matters worse, the issue also disables the airbags, which then leaves motorists unprotected in the event of a collision.

GM failed to issue a recall for the problem for at least ten years, during which at least 13 motorists have died in accidents caused by the ignition switch, and countless more have been injured. Many of these victims have already filed lawsuits against GM for personal injury or wrongful death.

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The GM debacle is only an example of how a vehicle defect can cause widespread injuries and losses, especially when it is not handled correctly. If you believe your car accident was caused by a car part that malfunctioned, you deserve full compensation for your losses. The resulting lawsuit may be complicated, but fortunately, an experienced auto accident lawyer at Shane Smith Law knows how to get you the recovery you deserve. Call today for help at (980) 246-2656

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