Understanding the 4 Types of Slip and Fall Accidents in Peachtree City

When you find yourself suddenly on the ground, it is generally caused as a result of a fall. Sometimes, falls could occur due to someone else’s negligence. Did you know that there is a law in Georgia governing this? It is known as the premises liability law, and there are four specific types of cases that fall under the premises liability law in Georgia. 

Four Common Premises Liability Fall Accidents

  1. Slip-and-fall accidents – When this type of fall occurs, a person loses traction between his or her foot and the walking surface because of something like a spilled liquid, slippery conditions, or loose rugs.
  2. Trip-and-fall accidents – When an accident of this nature occurs, it often is the result of an object left in a walkway that causes a person to trip over it and fall.
  3. Stump-and-fall accidents – When this type of fall happens, it generally is caused by a surface or walkway obstruction.
  4. Step-and-fall accidents – When this kind of accident occurs, it happens after a person loses his or her balance after stepping into a hidden hole or onto a defective surface.

If your fall was the result of unsafe conditions left by the property owner or property possessor—regardless of the type of fall you sustained—you may have a premises liability claim for your injuries and damages. However, these types of cases can be complex and require a skilled Peachtree City slip-and-fall lawyer to establish that the owner did not exercise reasonable care.

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