Information to Consider Before Accepting A Personal Injury Settlement Offer

Georgia auto accident victims may receive prompt settlement offers from the at-fault driver's insurance company.  A victim should not accept a check from the at-fault driver or his insurance company as this may be interpreted as a settlement acceptance and may prevent the victim from receiving additional compensation. A victim should consult with a Clayton County auto accident attorney before signing any release or accepting any money.

Insurance companies understand that there is no objective way to evaluate the financial value of an auto accident's legal claim. A payment should not be negotiated and made until the conclusion of accident-related medical treatment and after a physician determines future medical needs. The victim is able to calculate actual medical expenses and future therapy or costs by waiting until a doctor issues a release.

Georgia auto accident victims are advised to wait at least 30 days after an accident before considering a settlement offer. This allows the victim to determine if an injury is chronic or a minor ache and if it will need long-term treatment. Additionally, a settlement offer can be reviewed with an experienced Clayton County auto accident attorney. Terms can be negotiated or removed. This includes a "deem to be reasonable" clause that insurance companies use to allow them to determine if certain medical treatments are necessary and should be the insurance company's payment responsibility.

An insurance adjuster's goal is to minimize the amount the insurance company must pay. Adjusters know that a victim may be overwhelmed by an accident's financial impact. This includes medical costs, lost wages and vehicle repairs or replacement. It is at that point when a victim seems most helpless that an adjuster has the best chance of making a settlement offer for less than the accident is worth.

Contacting the Law Office of Shane Smith will ensure that a victim receives reasonable compensation for his injuries. Once a victim has secured an attorney's services the victim should not talk to the at-fault driver, the driver's attorneys or his insurance representatives. All communication with anyone representing the at-fault driver should be done by the victim's attorney.

If you or someone you know has been hurt in an auto accident, meet with a Clayton County auto accident lawyer. Call the Shane Smith Law to schedule a free legal consultation.