Decoupling Accidents Happen for Many Reasons

Semi trucks are in a category called “articulated vehicles,” which means they are made up of two or more sections that can move separately. The connectors between sections are referred to as coupling devices, and these devices are meant to keep the parts of the truck in line as the truck travels down the highway. Like any other truck part, however, these coupling devices can malfunction and lead to disastrous accidents. When a coupling device fails, the trailer of a semi truck may come disconnected from the cab of the truck, meaning the trailer is no longer under the control of the driver. Such runaway trailers may careen down the highway out of control and will collide with any cars in its path. Often, because the trailer does not have independent brakes, it will only pick up speed for a period of time as it travels down the highway. Anyone injured in a truck decoupling accident should contact a Fayette County truck accident attorney to discuss a possible legal claim.

Coupling devices may fail for several reasons, including:

  • Defective design

  • Defective assembly

  • Improper installation

  • Inadequate inspection or maintenance

  • Driver error

If a truck decoupling accident happens because a manufacturer, company, or truck driver was negligent, that party should be held accountable for any resulting injuries and losses of victims. Sometimes, however, determining the exact cause of the decoupling may be a complicated process.

Contact a Fayette County truck accident attorney for a free consultation

If you have been the victims of a truck accident that occurred because of a decoupling incident, an experienced truck accident attorney can investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident to determine whether negligence caused the decoupling. At Shane Smith Law, we have the resources to collect evidence regarding negligence in order to help our clients recover by filing a legal claim. Please contact our office today at (980) 246-2656 to schedule a free consultation.

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