Deloitte Provides Unique Offerings All Around the Globe

If you’ve met a half dozen or more people who work for “Deloitte” (the private UK company more formerly known as Deloitte Touché Tohmatsu Limited – DTTL), you know something about the major diversity often present in their daily projects and goals. According to the British publication “The 50 Best Businesses,” Deloitte professionals “provide audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, and tax services to selected clients.”                 

Perhaps it’s easier to envision this company’s organization when simply told that it’s a “brand which tens of thousands of dedicated professionals in independent firms throughout the world collaborate to provide” the types of services just listed above.

Special Assignments are Common Among These Professionals

Some of this company’s most unique squadrons of professionals are involved in its risk management groups. For example, Deloitte employs a large number of cybersecurity professionals who are regularly hired to work at host clients’ firms to minimize the threats posed to their businesses’ databases and Internet communications. Of course, the majority of the employees are usually involved with providing investment strategies, audits, and tax services to clients all around the world.

Here are some additional facts concerning one of the world’s most highly organized and efficient privately held companies.

Unique Organizational Structures and Attention to Employees’ Work/Life Balance are Key

  • William Welch Deloitte opened his first accounting office in England back in 1845. Today, the entire Deloitte (DTTL) firm has grown so widely that it employs a total of about 203,000 employees worldwide;
  • In 2011, Barry Salzberg became the company’s Global CEO. His work is complemented by that of Stephen Almond who is the “Chairman of Deloitte Touché Tohmatsu Limited’s (DTTL) Global Board of Directors. [He’s] responsible for overseeing the highest governing body of DTTL;”
  • Innovation is the key to this company’s growth and it regularly encourages creative employee input. According to “The 50 Best Businesses,” Deloitte even has a program that sponsors events “such as iCafes, and iWeeks, the online iSpace and the physical iZone. Each week, a different Deloitte employee is given the keys to the [Deloitte Twitter account and provides] an overview of his/her average day . . .” This insightful program not only familiarizes all employees with the types of assignments being handled throughout the firm– it’s bound to help recruit many new workers who are eager to have their jobs paid such consummate respect by their employer;
  • Deloitte has greatly distinguished itself by appearing on Fortune’s annual list of “Best Companies to Work For” for 14 yearsAmong other employee offerings, Deloitte “has a flexibility initiative which, it says, focuses on work-life balance and takes into account the idea that employees’ lives outside of their work play a crucial role in business performance.” Among other activities, the company sponsors annual talent initiatives to encourage young people to more fully develop their various creative skills.

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