Palmetto Car Accidents can be Caused by Poor Road Maintenance

People are injured in car accidents in and around Palmetto, Georgia each year, sometimes with serious medical consequences. While most car accidents are caused by driver error, a substantial number occur because of poorly maintained roads. Accidents caused by poor road maintenance can involve both single car and multi-car crashes, and the cause may not always be readily apparent. Fortunately, an experienced Palmetto car accident lawyer will be able to spot any evidence of negligent road maintenance, should it exist.

Examples of Poor Road Maintenance that may Lead to a Palmetto Car Wreck

Poor road maintenance can involve a variety of issues, ranging from improper materials used in road resurfacing to a lack of adequate signage warning motorists of impending dangers. Among the more common examples of the kinds of poor road maintenance that leads to car accidents include:

  • Inadequate drainage

  • Failure to warn of upcoming construction

  • Lack of guardrails

  • Faded or non-existent road markings

  • Overgrown foliage

There are many other examples of the way that poorly or unmaintained roads may cause a car accident, so it is important for anyone involved in a wreck to have their case reviewed by an attorney.

Recovering for an Accident Caused by Poor Road Maintenance

Generally speaking, the state or one of its various governmental units is responsible for road maintenance. This means that a special set of legal rules often apply in lawsuits that arise from accidents caused by negligently maintained roads. These claims must be brought under the Georgia Tort Claims Act, and have a much shorter statute of limitations as well as significant limits on recovery. As a result, people considering pursuing such a claim should talk to an attorney as soon as possible.

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