Cities Can Be Liable for Georgia Brain Injuries Caused by Fallen Trees

Falling trees are an act of nature, but falling trees or tree limbs can also be seen as an act of negligence. Those responsible for the trees must maintain their premises and take reasonable care to avoid anyone suffering an injury from a dangerous tree. When trees do fall, the results can be awful. Sadly, people have suffered broken bones, crush injuries, pelvis injuries, and brain injuries in Georgia as a result of dangerous trees.

In fact, a woman was hit by a tree limb in Georgia and was awarded $12 Million from the City of Savannah. A Chatham County State Court jury recently awarded 31-year-old Shanta Greene this amount for the injuries she suffered when a live oak tree limb fell on the car she was riding in. Sadly, the tree limb stabbed her, causing her to lose her right leg and pelvis. Shanta Green also suffered a brain injury as a result of the falling tree limb. The City of Savannah also has to pay the other occupants in the vehicle who suffered less serious injuries.

According to the City of Savannah, their staff does preserve the trees—over 85,000 live oak trees. However, concerned residents want the city to do more about the safety of the trees to prevent tree-related accidents and injuries, so that no one else gets hurt. If a city does not inspect trees regularly and take care of them or take down the diseased and rotten trees, then more people will be at risk of a Georgia brain injury or other injuries.

If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury due to a city’s negligence or any property owner’s negligence, you may have a valid case for your injuries and damages. Contact an experienced Georgia brain injury attorney at Shane Smith Law for a free consultation today at (980) 246-2656 to learn more.