Devastating Lower Leg Injuries Suffered in Georgia Slip & Falls

In a Georgia slip and fall accident, a person’s body generally falls violently to the hard floor beneath. When this happens, a victim can suffer head injuries, back and neck injuries, and lower extremity injuries. While any one of these types of injuries can be serious and devastating, lower leg injuries are often the most common. However, just because injuries to the legs are frequent in slips and falls, doesn’t make them any less severe.

Two of some of the most devastating slip-and-fall injuries to the lower leg include:

  1. Trimalleolar fracture – This is the most serious type of ankle fracture that involves the lateral, medial, and posterior malleoli of the tibia. This means that all three malleoli of the ankle are broken, which includes a broken tibia, fibula, and ankle.
  2. Bimalleolar fracture – This is a fracture of the ankle that involves the medial and lateral malleolus, which means that the distal tibia and fibula are fractured.

Surgical treatments for both injuries are required that typically involve physical therapy and months of rehabilitation learning to walk again. Studies show that people who have suffered bimalleolar and trimalleolar fractures often experience limited function in the ankle. Because of the nature of these injuries, victims should pursue the full amount of compensation available.

Sometimes slip-and-fall accidents leave victims with permanent pain, limited functionality, and even disabilities. If you have suffered any of the following in a Coweta County slip-and-fall accident due to a property owner’s negligence, call a Georgia premises liability lawyer for help with the claims process. You can reach Shane Smith Law at (980) 246-2656 for a free consultation today.

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