Can Exercise Really Make You a Better Driver?

Exercise has many benefits. It improves your health, can help you lose weight, and improves your mood. But did you know that it may even improve your driving and prevent an Atlanta car crash?

In January, a study called "Exercise Can Improve Speed of Behavior in Older Drivers" was published in the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity. In the past, research has focused on the skills that drivers lose as they age. As drivers become older, they have slower physical and mental reaction times. An aging driver's ability to process visual information also slows down. Older drivers are less able to pay visual attention to what is going on around them. This puts them at higher risk of being injured in a Georgia car accident.

Scientists knew that regular exercise can improve perceptive, cognitive and physical abilities. But, they had never tested how an exercise program would affect real world driving ability. Twenty-six drivers, aged 55 to 78 years old, took place in the study. Half of them completed an eight-week supervised exercise program. The other group did not exercise. After eight weeks, the group that exercised showed a significant improvement in response time.

More study is needed, but with all the benefits of exercise, it certainly can't hurt.

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