Car Accident Settlement Free Book for Atlanta Georgia

Why did Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Shane Smith write a book that talks about car accident settlements, car accident injuries, and the mistakes to avoid ruining your Georgia Car Accident Claims Case and more importantly Why does he give it away Free.

I represent people who are injured in car wrecks by someone else’s negligence or through no fault of their own. These are normally hard working people who were minding their own business and someone else hit their car because they were not paying attention, talking on a cell phone or doing something else when they should have been driving. This innocent party now has multiple injuries, needs medical care and is hurting. This book is designed to help that person be aware of the biggest ways to hurt their Auto Accident Injury Claim or Case and protect themselves.

I get numerous calls from people who have tried to avoid hiring a lawyer or who just don’t know where to turn. This book and my website are designed to help you until you can hire a competent attorney who practices personal injury work. You want a lawyer who knows car accident cases. After years of practice, and years of answering the same questions I decided to write this book that explains the ins and outs of a auto accident claims case or personal injury case in Georgia. If you are reading this in another state things very well may be different. I would encourage you to contact a lawyer in your state. If you need help finding a lawyer in your state, just go to my website Under the links page, you can find a listing of personal injury lawyers in your state.
Why do I give my Car Accident Claims book away for Free? The first is just because I get tired of clients calling after they have tried to avoid hiring a lawyer, and then when we talk about their auto accident claim, we find out that they did something that is difficult or impossible to fix just because they did not know how to deal with the car insurance company. Also the book requires that you give me your email or address. That allows me to provide you with my Free Newsletter filled with information about my Car Accident Law Firm, better ways to protect yourself in another car accident, how to get better care for your car accident injuries or buy better car insurance. The more information you have, the better you will be to select a car accident lawyer who can truely help you with your auto accident claim.

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