Four Tips to Help Older Drivers Avoid Atlanta Auto Accidents

A recent study published in the journal Neuropsychology found that all drivers make more mistakes as they age. But, aging does not have to put you at an increased risk for injury in an Atlanta car crash. Here are some tips to prevent Georgia car accidents from an Atlanta auto injury lawyer.
  1. Always buckle up - Wearing your seat belt lowers the risk of serious injury in an accident by 60%. Elderly drivers are more likely to sustain serious injuries, but they are less likely wear their seat belt.

  2. Avoid distractions - Many people wrongly believe that distracted driving pertains mostly to teens who text. However, distracted driving is a problem for drivers of all ages. Tuning a radio, talking on the phone, eating in the car, and even arguing with a passenger about directions can take your mind off the road.

  3. Visit your doctor - You should have a general physical and get your vision and hearing checked every year, even if you feel fine. Always ask your doctor how any medical conditions and medications may affect your ability to drive.

  4. Get directions - Knowing where you are going before getting in the car can help you avoid accidents. If you have to slow down to check street signs or look for landmarks, you could be rear-ended. When you are driving to an unfamiliar destination, avoid driving at night, during bad weather, or during commuting hours.

A bonus tip: take a driver safety course. There are many driver safety courses designed specifically for drivers over 65. Taking a course will reduce your insurance premium and help you learn skills that compensate for the normal effects of aging.

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