Four “Don’ts “ When Seeking Medical Care After A Peachtree City Car Crash

If you have been injured in a Peachtree City car crash, getting well should be your first priority.   However, there are some common mistakes that Georgia accident victims make that can aggravate their injury and hurt a personal injury claim.
Peachtree car crash lawyer Shane smith warns accident victims to avoid the following mistakes:
1. Don't turn down a ride to the emergency room.  You should always get medical attention after you have been involved in an accident.  
2. Don't keep secrets from your doctor.  Tell your doctor about all your symptoms and how they are affect your ability to go about your daily life.  Tell your doctor about your past medical history, including prior injuries.
3. Don't miss medical appointments.   Follow doctor's orders: take your medications, get  your medical treatments, and show up for your medical appointments. 
4. Don't see a chiropractor before you see a doctor.  Chiropractors are great, but only for certain types of injuries.  In some cases, chiropractors have often made serious injuries worse.  Get cleared by a medical doctor before seeing a chiropractor.
Avoiding these medical mistakes can make a significant difference to your Georgia  personal injury claim. If you don't seek medical treatment and don't follow doctor's orders, you'll have a hard time proving the cause of your injuries.  For more information about medical care, read our article, "Neck And Back Injuries: How To Get The Right Medical Care After A Peachtree City Car Crash".