Atlanta Accident Lawyer Answers - Should my airbags have deployed during my car crash?

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     Many times, we receive calls in our office here at Shane Smith Law where people who have just been in a car accident ask why the airbags didn't deploy and they want to sue the airbag company.  This is not a cut and dried situation.  Airbags are not designed to deploy in all crashes.  Before I learned about this area of car accident law, I thought an airbag always deployed in almost every situation where there was a significant impact.  I then learned how expensive it was to repackage an airbag.  This can cost over a thousand dollars per airbag.  Car companies have designed the air bags and vehicles with sensors which determine the type of car crash.  The signals are then sent to a black box or internal computer which determines whether the car should deploy the airbags.  Find out more about this here from our car accident lawyers at Shane Smith Law.

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