What Records Will I Need After a Car Accident?

Sometimes car accidents are minor and can be handled through insurance companies.  However, sometimes the injury or damage in a car accident is more severe or insurance companies do not want to pay you the full amount you are due for your medical and automotive bills.  In these cases, you should consider filing a personal injury (PI) claim against the responsible party in order to fully recover.  If you anticipate a potential lawsuit, there are certain records that will be important, so you will want to keep track of these records and keep them organized.  You will also want to contact a Fayette County auto accident attorney as soon as possible to begin discussing a possible case.

The following are important records that may be necessary in a lawsuit:

  • Police report—if the authorities came to the scene of the accident, the accident report will be very important.  The report can show if the other driver violated any traffic laws and includes you own version of the accident as well as witness accounts.  Overall, the police report can help show the other person acted negligently and was at fault.
  • Medical records—you deserve complete compensation for the full extent of your injuries, but first you must demonstrate that you actually suffered all of those injuries.  Medical records from the ER, your doctor, and all other professionals you visited can show the full cost of services you received, equipment and medication you needed, and more.
  • Pay statements—if you missed work at all during your recovery, you deserve to be compensated for any wages you lost.  Pay statements are important to recover these lost wages.
  • Property damage estimates—your insurance company may perform an estimate, or you may have to get your own.  Consider getting estimates from two different automotive shops in order to ensure accuracy.

If you are considering a possible case against the person responsible for your accident, you should always contact an auto accident lawyer as soon as possible who can guide you through the process and help with every step of your case.  Call Shane Smith Law at (980) 246-2656 today.

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