Caution: Left Turns on Yellow Lights May Produce Georgia Car Accidents

Do you know that traveling through an intersection is often the most dangerous activity the average person does during a day? This is because intersections are the most dangerous traffic environment due to left-hand turns and failure to yield.

One of the biggest intersection hazards is turning left on a yellow light. When a vehicle traveling straight is presented with a yellow light and the driver turning left attempts to turn on that same yellow light, a serious Georgia intersection accident could occur when the oncoming car strikes the turning car. This type of crash often presents the question of liability.

The driver turning left is being warned that the light is about to change to red. Just because the light turns yellow, doesn’t permit the turning driver to continue to make the turn. The driver still has to yield and make the turn safely. However, the light may have turned red before the approaching car entered the intersection. In that case, the driver traveling straight may be found negligent of running a red light.

Liability in intersection accidents can be complex, with both drivers possibly sharing some fault. In the case where both drivers entered the intersection on a yellow light, the turning driver would be found liable for failing to yield.

Whether or not you can collect compensation for your injuries and damages will depend on the circumstances of your accident. If you believe the other driver was at-fault, contact a Georgia auto-accident attorney at Shane Smith Law to file a personal injury claim and find out about your rights today for a free consultation at (980) 246-2656.

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