Living to Tell the Tale: Surviving an Atlanta Rollover Accident

Atlanta car accidents ending in fatalities frequently involve a rollover of one or more vehicles. Each year, approximately 10,000 people will die nationwide as a result of such an accident. Sport Utility Vehicles cause more of these accidents due to their size, although any vehicle may potentially rollover during a crash. Despite this fact, the popularity of SUVs continues to grow.

Fortunately for drivers, the following tips can help victims survive this frightening accident:

  • Always wear a seat belt. This safety mechanism prevents you from being tossed about as the car rolls over. Without a belt, you risk suffering a traumatic brain injury if your head strikes the roof of the car. The belt also prevents you from being ejected from the vehicle
  • Never sit in a seat without head support. The head support helps to prevent traumatic brain injury caused by the brain striking the skull during a violent shaking.
  • Safely secure or store all objects in the car. This prevents these objects from striking you as the car rolls.
  • Carefully load all cargo. Improperly loaded vehicles decrease the overall stability of the car. Abide by the maximum load capabilities specified by the SUV’s manufacturer, and place the heaviest cargo on the floor close to center of the vehicle.
  • Stay calm during the rollover, and respond quickly and smoothly. Overreacting can cause even greater harm and damage during the accident. If one tire goes off the road, gradually decrease speed and gently ease the tires back onto the pavement.
  • Do not bend over or cover your head as the vehicle rolls. Having your head in front of the air bags when they deploy can cause severe injuries.

If you were involved in an Atlanta rollover accident, it is essential that you have a qualified professional in your corner. Contact the Atlanta car accident attorney experts at the (980) 246-2656 for a free consultation.

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