A Georgia blind spot accident occurs when a driver is unaware of a car that is beside his own vehicle. He changes lanes and heads right into the other driver's path. These accidents often occur because the driver is distracted, forgot to look over his shoulder, or doesn't have his mirror adjusted correctly.


An insurance company study in the United Kingdom has found that the number of crashes in the U.K. caused by blind spots has risen by 50 percent over the last two years. There is no comparable study in the United States, but it is believed that blind spot accidents are just as common in Georgia and in the rest of the U.S. as they are in Britain.


The majority of the 50,000 blind spot crashes analyzed in the study occurred when a driver who pulled out of his lane was unaware of the car in his blind spot.


The study attributed part of the problem to thick supports between the rear and side windows. These structures increase the strength of the vehicle, but create larger blind spots.


Car companies are now looking for ways to prevent blind spot accidents without sacrificing the occupant's safety. Some higher-end new cars feature cameras that help drivers see vehicles in their blind spots. However, the best thing is for all drivers to set their mirrors correctly, check their mirrors, and glance over their shoulder before changing lanes.


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