Atlanta accident attorneys can help determine liability if you suffered a serious pedestrian accident injury. Not every accident involving a motor vehicle and a pedestrian will place blame on the driver. However, if the driver was negligent, an attorney will help you fight for the compensation you may be entitled to receive. 

Although any pedestrian has the potential to be injured, some may be at a higher risk. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention point to older adults, children and impairment as potential risk factors. For instance, alcohol impairment of either the driver or pedestrian can increase the chance of an accident significantly. Risk factors among elderly may include tripping and being struck by a passing vehicle, according to the CDC. 

Although younger children traditionally are considered to be a higher risk, teenagers between 14 and 19 led the way in recent years, accounting for half of child pedestrian injuries, according to a Safe Kids report. The report also notes that injury rates among the most at-risk group from 1995, 5- to 9-year-olds, are down 65 percent since that time. 

Of course, pedestrian law is important because it is what helps drivers understand their rights and responsibilities pertaining to pedestrians. If the pedestrian’s rights are violated, the driver could be held liable for any resulting injuries. 

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