School has started in Atlanta; however, a recent school bus crash in Missouri has parents wondering “How safe is my child on his way to school?”
The Missouri accident killed two children and left dozens injured.  While the accident is still under investigation, preliminary reports are blaming it on driver inattention.
Other causes of school bus accidents include:
•    Inexperienced bus drivers
•    Inadequate driver training
•    Tired or drowsy school bus drivers
•    Drivers who are taking medication that affects driving ability
•    Drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol
•    Speeding
•    Failure to yield right of way
•    Tailgating
•    Overloaded busses
•    Poor maintenance – especially poorly maintained brakes
•    Poor visibility or poor weather conditions
•    Inadequate or poorly maintained safety systems – lights, reflectors, and other warning signals
Every year nearly half a million school busses transport more than 24 million students to school and back. While school bus crashes are rare, they do happen. About 27 children a year are killed in motor vehicle crashes and pedestrian accidents involving school busses.
Shane Smith Law represent victims of motor vehicle accidents in Atlanta.  We don’t want to see your child injured, so we have compiled a list of school bus safety tips that can help keep your child safe on the way to school.  Click here for more information.
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