Here is a short article talking about some of the perils of buying the cheapest car insurance you can get away with legally in Atlanta and Georgia.  Many times I have talked to clients who say they have "full" coverage or good car insurance only to find out that they do not have good coverage at all.  Just remember all insurance salesman want to make a sale.  When you tell them what you want is the cheapest insurance or the lowest cost - that is the type of plan they will design for you.  A desire to save $10 a month could cost you thousands if you are in a car accident in Atlanta.  Do not be one of the many victims of a car accident here in Atlanta, where your lawyer is the first person to talk to you about medical payment coverage, uninsured motorist coverage or gap insurance.  Check out the linked article or go to my web page for free information on car insurance.  Remember, I do not sell car insurance in Atlanta, Georgia or anywhere else, I just deal with the problems my clients have when they are in a car wreck with someone who has a terrible minimum limits policy and they also bought the cheapest policy that was available.  Go to my site for free information that will help you decide what risks you want to take and whether saving $10 a month and skipping med pay or uninsured motorist coverage is a good bargain for you.
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