You can always hire a Columbus truck accident attorney if you are injured in a collision with a large truck. But why not be proactive and consider these safety tips to avoid the accident altogether? 

When sharing the road with large vehicles, such as commercial trucks, exercising caution is very important. Remember, unlike a passenger car, trucks have limited visibility and may take longer to stop because of their weight. 

Leave Space between Your Vehicle and the Truck 

Trucks need extra time to brake; that's why you should never abruptly change lanes in front of or cut off a large truck. Besides not providing the truck driver enough room to stop, the area directly in front of a truck may actually be a blind spot and the driver may not even see you! 

Be Careful at Night or in Inclement Weather 

Driving can be difficult at night or in adverse weather. If you are behind a truck at night, use low beam lights to avoid shining light into the truck driver's eyes. If you are following a truck when it is raining, maintain your distance to ensure that water sprayed onto your windshield by the truck’s tires doesn't reduce your visibility. 

Contact a Columbus Truck Accident Attorney 

While following safety tips may decrease your chances of being involved in a traffic collision, truck accidents may still occur when drivers are negligent or careless.  

Get in touch with the Columbus truck accident attorneys at Shane Smith Law. For information on how to help your claim, download 10 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Georgia Wreck Case and call 770-HURT-999 now. 

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