Employers often look forward to a new person's first day on the job. That's when both parties will start to discover if they’ve made good choices. Of course, two of the most critical things you can do to guarantee a new employee’s success are to first thoroughly check all of his/her references and make sure the person has an accurate understanding of all of the required job tasks -- that should have been carefully detailed in your ad.      

To increase the chances that your company and each new employee will start out “on the same page,” you must be fully open about your expectations.

Here are some topics employers often fail to cover in job ads that can greatly disillusion new workers.

Job Traits/Requirements You Need to Share in Your Ads

  • Travel demands, if any. Are you expecting this new person to travel frequently in regards to his/her new job? Failing to mention this can cause many problems for new workers, especially those with a number of young dependent children;
  • Supervisory duties. Not everyone is cut out to oversee the work of others. A person needs to be quite patient and understanding – as well as politely firm when supervising other people's work;

  • Physical demands of the job. Although more employers are now remembering to include this type of information – the failure to do so can create major problems for those with disabilities which cannot be easily seen. The disabled have many valid rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) -- so be sure to clearly spell out all lifting requirements and other physical tasks tied to every advertised position;

  • Telecommuting opportunities. Be very clear about whether this will be allowed for new employees. You may also want to indicate whether this may become occasionally possible after the person has successfully completed his/her probationary period. Also, it’s wise to tell new hires that this privilege can be revoked without advance notice. However, keep in mind that a worker’s childcare and caregiving duties can be seriously affected by such rule changes;

  • Employee benefits provided. Applicants deserve extremely open and honest negotiations regarding all benefits since these directly affect their ability to take care of themselves and their family members. Be sure to very clear when any and all benefits may become available;

  • At-will status. If an employee will be hired as an “at-will” worker (meaning you can fire him/her without notice and for no specific reason), make this very clear. You must also acknowledge that this status allows the employee to suddenly leave without giving you notice. However, when discussing this topic, try to emphasize the importance of treating each other as fairly as the circumstances allow.

Ask your Peachtree City business attorney if you should require all new employees to sign and date an employment contract.

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