With summer here at last, many parents will let their children go to the public pool.  For some it is almost a daily activity.  This is especially common in Atlanta and throughout Georgia as it gets extremely hot.  Many times as parents, we assume that the pool has adequate safety measures - after all they have all those life guards.  We recommend that you visit the pool first before letting your children go unattended.  Questions to ask:

     How old are your lifeguards?
     How many are cpr certified?
     How many people can be in the pool?
     How many lifeguards are new?
      Make sure that your children are protected.  Don't assume that the pool is safe.  Visit it, to ensure that their are adequate safety measures to protect your child from drowning.  As a lawyer, I have seen cases where the lifeguards were mostly new at a pool, or they all seemed very young.  Also sometimes the pools become overcrowded.  Any of these factors can increase the chances of a child drowning.

*****Make sure your child is safe from drowning.  Don't assume the pool is safe or that there are adequate safety measures in place.  Take the time to check, whether the pool is in Peachtree City, downtown Atlanta, or the YMCA.  Don't let your child become a drowning statistic ******

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