Although many wrongful death cases are settled out of court, some end up going to trial. To learn which is a better option or more likely to happen based on the particulars of your claim, contact a wrongful death claim attorney in Atlanta

Factors Considered in Settling a Wrongful Death Claim Out of Court 

It generally costs less and saves time and stress when an out-of-court settlement is reached in a claim. But it’s not always the best option. 

The following are some factors that may be considered when determining if a wrongful death claim should be settled out of court: 

  • whether you want it kept out of public records;
  • the amount of damages incurred/sought;
  • the expected timeframe of litigation;
  • the likelihood of receiving a favorable judgment; and
  • the minimum award that would be accepted. 

Georgia negligence laws also can impact your claim. If the deceased was found to be partially at fault, it could complicate the case.  

A Wrongful Death Attorney in Atlanta Can Help 

Atlanta is a busy metropolitan area with many risks of serious or fatal crashes. According to the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety inGeorgia, in 2009 there were 100 fatalities inFultonCountyand 75 inDeKalbCountystemming from traffic crashes. 

For help evaluating your right to file a claim, contact the Shane Smith Law at 1-404-513-5415. We can help determine the types of damages that may be available if you are seeking a wrongful death claim and whether you may be able to settle out of court.

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