Carrying an emergency kit in your car may save you time and aggravation if you run off the road or are stranded due to a flat tire or bad weather.  But, there is one item that may save your car accident injury or property damage claim in the event of an Atlanta car crash.  What is it?
A camera.
Keeping a camera in your car, whether it is an inexpensive digital camera, a disposable camera or the camera in your cell phone, can help you to preserve valuable evidence after an Atlanta accident. This evidence can help you get fair insurance payment for all your property damage, injuries and other losses.
What should you photograph?
Photograph everything.
•    Photograph the damage to your car
•    Photograph the damage to the other car (or lack of damage)
•    Photograph the scene.  Get pictures of skid marks, any broken guard rails or telephone poles or other damage caused by the crash.  Photograph any traffic signs or signals.
•    Photograph your injuries.
•    Photograph your damaged clothing and possessions.
Bring the photographs when you schedule a consultation with an Atlanta car wreck attorney. He’ll know how to use this evidence to help you with your Georgia accident claim.
To learn more about property damage and your rights, download a free copy of Attorney Shane Smith’s book “Property Damage Guide for Georgia.”
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