New Year’s Eve has always been a dangerous time to be on the road due to irresponsible drivers who aren’t concerned for others’ safety and get behind the wheels of their vehicles drunk. Sadly, motorists are still taking too many risks when it comes to drinking and driving in Georgia.

Although law enforcement increases patrol on New Year’s Eve and makes many DUI arrests every year on this night, there are still motorists that aren’t caught in time—before they injure or kill someone. Because of the annual deaths and injuries that occur due to drunk driving on New Year’s Eve, officials continue to remind drivers to “drive sober or you’ll get pulled over.” However, some motorists still believe they are invincible or that they really aren’t that buzzed or drunk and drive home anyways.

If ringing in the 2013 New Year ended up with you, your son, daughter, spouse, or parent injured in a Roswell drunk driving accident, you are entitled to collect financial compensation for your property damages, medical bills, lost income, mental anguish, pain and suffering, and more.

Roswell DUI victims should turn to a skilled accident injury attorney for help. Our team from Shane Smith Law has the experience of working with DUI victims throughout Georgia and the successful results to prove that our law firm can help you make a sizeable recovery in your case, while pursuing justice at the same time. Call Georgia accident attorney Shane Smith and receive a free case consultation today at 770-HURT-999.

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