After suffering a brain injury in a Norcross auto accident, pedestrian accident, trucking accident, or slip and fall accident, your Georgia brain injury case will need to be prepared so that appropriate information supports your claim. This requires sufficient preparation by your attorney.

Prior to going to court or even the settlement table, a lawyer will need to have thoroughly prepared your case including:

  • Gathering and investigating accident evidence. Not only will an attorney collect and retain evidence that is important to your case, but a lawyer should investigate and look at everything including damaged vehicles and clothing, photographs, accident reports, medical records, records from law enforcement, and testimony.
  • Reviewing your medical records. A lawyer will review your medical records and talk with your doctors to find out more about your health and the likelihood of your condition worsening over time. Thorough review of medical records and your prognosis will help establish a claim amount.
  • Looking into your personal life. Your attorney will need to understand your life before your brain injury in order to show the court how your injury has affected your personal life as well as your financial life. If you can no longer hold down the same job or participate in the same activities as you did prior to your brain injury, your lawyer will need to know this and speak with your family and friends to obtain statements.

By thoroughly preparing your Norcross brain injury case, Shane Smith Law can help you strengthen your claim and achieve the best possible outcome. For a free consultation call 770-HURT-999 to learn more about your rights today.

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