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     Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Shane Smith answers questions about Minor Impact Soft Tissue car accident claims or MIST cases and how this designation by the insurance company can reduce the value of your car accident settlement.

     On his website he has answered three new questions about MIST cases and how the insurance company treats them.  He also talks about how to prevent your car accident claim from being put into this category of auto accidents.  Also discussed are how the car insurance company will treat your car accident injuries if it says your claim is a Minor Impact Soft Tissue Case.

     Links are provided to the new sections of his FAQ on Auto Accident Injury Claims:

     What does it mean when my car accident claim is called a Minor Impact Soft Tissue Case? Here

     Why is it important if my car accident injury case is called a MIST claim?  Here

     How do I keep my car accident claim from being classified as a MIST case? Here
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Very informative article. Many of our plaintiffs have a hard time determining if they have a personal injury case because their injuries did not result in surgury. Visit our blog to see a link back to this information. Be well!
by Betsy June 21, 2010 at 12:48 PM
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