Being involved, let alone hurt, in a car accident in Georgia is a serious situation with potentially devastating consequences. Atlanta trucking accidents are equally if not more disastrous than car accidents, and about 10 percent of the accident fatalities in the United States are caused by collisions involving large trucks. If you’ve been the victim of a commercial truck driver’s recklessness, speak with one of our GA trucking accident attorneys about the circumstances of your accident claim.

Commercial Accidents and the Most Deadly Types of Crashes

In terms of fatalities, national semi truck accident statistics indicate that the most dangerous type of Atlanta trucking accident is that in which one or both vehicles roll over. These truck rollover accidents constitute approximately 55 percent of driver fatalities, with a tremendous margin over the next most fatal accident type, those resulting from fuel fires.

Fuel fire accidents comprise only 10 percent of accidents with driver fatalities. Approximately 80 percent of the truck accident fatalities are those of the drivers of the non-commercial vehicle.

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, reach out to a personal injury law firm and speak with one of our GA trucking accident attorneys about how to protect your injury claim. 

Providing the Legal Help You Need after Atlanta Truck Accidents

To learn more about the rights of victims hurt in a car accident, the implications of recent semi truck accident statistics, and what you can do to protect your case, request one of Shane Smith’s books: 10 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Georgia Wreck Case and Property Damage Guide for Georgia. These books provide valuable tips about liability and negligence from an experienced Atlanta truck accident lawyer and facts are available free of charge to Georgia accident victims and their families. Contact one of our GA trucking accident attorneys at our offices at 1-770-HURT-999 (1-770-487-8999).

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