After being hit by a car, you most likely know that the most important thing you should do following a Roswell, Georgia pedestrian accident is to seek medical care. However, some people decide they are going to tough it out and see if their injuries get worse, and others chose to ignore their injuries because they don’t have health insurance or the money to pay for the emergency room visit.

Why Does Failing to Get Medical Treatment Can Hurt Your Health & Your Potential Personal Injury Case?

When you chose not to take the ambulance ride, or not to drive yourself to the emergency room, you may be putting your life on the line. You have no idea what types of injuries you have sustained or the seriousness of them. You could be bleeding internally or have suffered more than you know. For this reason, it is always in your best interest to seek medical care and have a doctor provide a medical examination following any type of motor vehicle accident, especially in a pedestrian accident.

Not only is seeking treatment beneficial to your health, but it can help with your Georgia personal injury claim. When the insurance company for the driver notices that you didn’t go to the hospital right away or waited several days or weeks to see your doctor, they will question the seriousness of your injuries. As a result, they will offer you less compensation. In order to maximize your financial recovery, you need to do the following two things as soon as possible after your accident:

  1. Get to a hospital and have a medical examination
  2. Contact an experienced Roswell pedestrian injury attorney

To learn about your rights and more about personal injury claims, contact Shane Smith Law to speak with a knowledgeable Fulton County pedestrian accident attorney today in a free consultation at 770.487.8999.

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