According to Peachtree City truck accident attorneys, fraud in the trucking industry has resulted in thousands of unqualified drivers being on the road illegally. These drivers pay for fraudulent licenses, so they can work and earn a decent wage. However, these drivers do not have sufficient experience to drive a truck, causing many negative effects. 

Many of the truck drivers with fraudulent licenses pay someone to pass the tests and obtain certification. Because of this, many truck drivers lack the skills and experience they need to drive safely on the road. In fact, investigators came across a truck driving school in Georgia that falsified exam results of 623 students. When the students were forced to retake the test, only 142 passed. 

Because truck drivers with fraudulent licenses are not experienced with trucks, they are apt to cause many accidents. They may speed, load or unload cargo improperly, or be unable control a truck of such a large size. Those with fraudulent licenses have been known to cause serious accidents, with many resulting in fatalities. For more information, read our article about truck drivers with fraudulent licenses.  

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