Mind-controlled brakes may be a thing of the future, but automatic braking is already preventing Atlanta rear-end crashes.  The Highway Loss Data Institute recently reported that systems which automatically brake a vehicle if it is about to slam into the car in front at low speeds are preventing one out of four rear-end collisions.  So why haven't we seen a drastic reduction in rear-end accidents? The study only covers one vehicle: the Volvo XC60 midsize crossover SUV.
The SUV comes equipped with a standard collision avoidance feature called City Safety.  The system uses an infrared laser sensor that is built into the windshield. It works at speeds from 2 to 19 miles per hour and detects other vehicles within 18 feet of the front bumper. City Safety is designed to prevent the front to rear-end low speed accidents that are common on congested Atlanta streets and, as the study found, drivers using City Safety are 27% less likely to be involved in low-speed accidents than drivers of comparable vehicles without the system.
With a price tag starting at $32,000, the Volvo XC60 SUV is out of reach for the majority of Atlanta drivers.  However, as crash-avoidance technology becomes standard, similar crash avoidance technology may soon be available on lower-priced vehicles.
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