If you have been in an Atlanta traffic accident, and the police suspect alcohol played a part in causing the crash, they will order a test of the driver's blood alcohol concentration.
Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) refers to the amount of alcohol present in the blood at a given time.  It is expressed as a ratio of grams alcohol per 100 milliliters (deciliter) of blood and is used as a measure of intoxication. In Georgia, a driver with a BAC equal to .08 or greater will be charged with driving under the influence.
There are three main types of tests that are used to determine BAC:
1. Breath test ("breathalyzer")
2. Blood test
3. Urine test
The breathalyzer test is not as accurate as the blood or urine test.
If you have been injured in a Georgia DUI car crash, your Atlanta DUI injury attorney will obtain the results of the police report and the at-fault driver's blood alcohol tests in order to support your injury claim.  
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