Representative Gabriel Giffords has made headlines after being shot in the brain.  This week, she left the inpatient rehab facility where she was receiving treatment and will continue her treatment on an outpatient basis.
Gabriel Giffords received six months of the best inpatient rehabilitation for brain injury.   She will still need long term outpatient therapy.  Most Atlanta brain injury victims are limited to six to twelve weeks of inpatient therapy.  They may not be ready to be released, but this is the maximum length of treatment that the insurance companies allow.   If the patient can use a walker and move from a bed to the restroom, they are discharged although they may be incapable of self-care or even coherent communication. 
Once at home, an Atlanta brain injury victim may need cognitive, speech or occupational therapy.  The insurance company may have limits on the number of allowed visits.  The brain is a complex organ and the 12 to 15 allowed visits are not enough.  Who pays for additional therapy?
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Gabriel Giffords will need years of therapy before she regains all the skills she has lost.  Giffords's office has urged President Obama to mandate that insurance companies offer all brain injury patients the same high quality care being provided to the Congresswoman.
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