Although Roswell, Georgia, is known as a bicycle-friendly community, bicyclists may have a difficult time riding in traffic because many drivers of cars and trucks do not respect that bicyclists have a right to share the road with them. Drivers often put bicyclists at risk because they fail to look out for bicyclists or do not give cyclists enough space when passing, which can ultimately lead to a serious bicycle crash.

Fatal Georgia Bicycle Accidents

When death occurs in a bicycle accident with a car or truck, it can cause loved ones to face tremendous emotional and financial challenges. Those who have lost someone close to them in a sudden bike accident may be left in shock. They will experience a range of emotions and may have a hard time trying to cope with their loss.

When you are faced with the loss of your loved one, you will not only be left to deal with the emotional loss but will also be forced to deal with the financial loss of losing your spouse or family member. You most likely lost your loved one’s income and household contributions and you are left with the medical bills and funeral costs associated with the fatal bicycle accident.

A wrongful-death attorney is your best resource for understanding your rights and what compensation you are entitled to after a fatal Roswell bicycle accident. If someone’s recklessness led to your loved one’s death, you should contact a Georgia wrongful death lawyer at Shane Smith Law for help understanding your legal options. Dial (770) 487-8999 for a free consultation today.

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