Boating is a fun activity: the sun hitting your back, the wind in your face, and the joy of being on the open water are feelings you can’t get in combination anywhere else. However, boating also is a dangerous activity, as many boaters operate their boats while they are intoxicated.

Sadly, Georgia is no stranger to boating under the influence crashes. In fact, a young boy recently was killed, another boy is missing, and several were injured in a tragic boating accident on Lake Lanier. This boating collision took place on Monday, June 18, 2012 between a pontoon boat and a fishing boat. Authorities arrested the driver of the fishing boat for boating under the influence (BUI). This fatal boating accident came just after a boy almost lost his leg in a boating accident that took place the prior Saturday due to drunk boating. 

Because of this, authorities are urging boaters to use more caution this summer. On the heels of these recent boating accidents, marine law enforcement officers kicked off “Operation Dry Water” June 22-24 to help enforce boating under the influence laws, educate boaters on the dangers of boating under the influence, and to urge boaters to stay sober. 

Georgia Boating Under the Influence Accident Victims Should Seek Help

Alcohol can impair a boater’s reaction times, judgment, and vision, just as it does to drivers of motor vehicles. If you or someone you love was hurt in a Georgia boating accident due to a drunk driver, you may have rights to compensation.

Call Shane Smith Law to find out from a skilled Atlanta injury lawyer what your Georgia BUI accident victim rights are. Contact us at 770-HURT-999 today to receive a complimentary case consultation.

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