As the national Distracted Driving Awareness Month is approaching in April, we are reminded “One text or call could wreck it all.” Although different states have different bans on cell phone use while driving, the month of April is the month to encourage all drivers nationwide to stop all cell phone use while driving.

According to statistics, drivers younger than 20 have the greatest proportion of distracted drivers, distracted drivers are four times more likely to get into a wreck when using a cell phone behind the wheel, and the crash risk increases 8 to 23 times higher when drivers are texting while driving. Because thousands of people are injured in distracted driving crashes and thousands more die due to cell phones and texting while driving, the National Safety Council (NSC) wants all drivers this April to:

  • Stop using cell phones altogether when driving, including handheld and hands-free.
  • Share with others what you know about cell phone use and distracted driving dangers.
  • Tell drivers who you call to call you back once they reach their destination safely.

Safe driving requires the driver to have his or her hands on the wheel, brain focused on driving, and eyes in the road. When drivers are distracted with cell phones, it is believed that drivers may fail to see half of their driving environment including traffic lights, signs, and pedestrians. The NSC estimates that 25 percent of all car accidents nationwide involve cell phone use of some kind.

Because distracted driving has become a dangerous epidemic plaguing our roadways, the National Safety Council and this Atlanta accident attorney encourages you to take the nationwide pledge to drive cell phone free.

Shane Smith
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I want to giving to the NSC for this good guideline. Car accident is increasing randomly. But we are taken any care about this. And using mobile or any Gadget on driving time is so risky. So we should aware about this. Thanks for this nice post.
by los angeles body shop March 8, 2013 at 01:49 AM
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